Ruth L Miller integrates modern science and ancient wisdom in her books, classes, and individual guidance sessions. Peruse this site to see some of the things she has to say about how we can live a more abundant, satisfying life.
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Creating the life we all want…
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…requires asking new kinds of questions

Dr. Ruth Miller has new answers because she asks very different questions.

She looks beyond the norm, drawing on the ancient (and recent) past with a new perspective.


This site is where you can get to know Ruth and her work.


For example…

Interviews and talks like this:

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Online classes like this:

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and books like this…

Most people consider life a battle, but it’s not a battle; it’s a game.

Ruth Miller has created an experience that wakes us up to how life really works.

Understanding that life is a game and that there are rules is the first step.

A few people have studied and practiced and found out how the Game works and how we can play it… Florence Shinn was one of those and Ruth Miller has taken the mystery out if it.

So now we can all be successful at the Game of Life… we can all find the clues, follow them, and achieve Completion.

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and articles like this…

How can we maintain integrity when there’s a sense of commitment to others?

In our culture “integrity” can become as much of a ball-and-chain as an addiction. It’s often more about shame and fear of losing face than about being true to ourselves or our commitment. And, for me, it’s kept me in a few places far longer than is healthy (joyful and satisfying) for all concerned.

It’s useful to remember that the only reason for confusion, ever, is getting distracted from Principle.

So when there’s confusion, we turn to Principle!

Here’s one way to do that. We start by stating what we know to be true, whether we can feel it in the moment or not, as for example.. . read more…


Meet the Creator…


Dr. Ruth L. Miller is an eclectic scholar with multiple degrees in the sciences, social sciences, and the ministry. Her work takes the best of past ideas and practices and brings them forward into today’s world and tomorrow’s possibilities.

To learn more about Dr. Miller and her programs, check out the various pages on this site. You’ll find articles, interviews, and some recorded messages, as well as an overview of her books and her schedule.




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